My daughter is almost 3 and every time I think about her birth – the most amazing moment of my life – I think about you!   I could not have done it without your nurturing reassurance, kindness, patience, knowledge, love and support.  Thank you for your years of learning and efforts to help make dreams come true! R.V.

Dianne, Thank you for being my midwife.  You are wonderful. You have been there for me time and time again these past 10 months.  I can tell this is more than a job for you.   You pour your heart and soul in to every mother and child you help, and its shows.  You were constantly there for me throughout the pregnancy and labor with your great advice that I always tried to follow. I value your opinion very much and I know you follow the spirit through it all.  You’re an amazing lady and I feel very bless to have you in my life.  Keep being wonderful. A.A.

Dianne Bjarnson delivered all three of my babies.  I heard about her through my herbal study program. She had a few video lectures that I watched.  I was so impressed with her knowledge that I knew I could be comfortable with her delivering my baby.  It took us 9 years to get pregnant and I didn't want to do anything wrong.  I knew I could trust Dianne to help me make this pregnancy successful. I got very ill during all three of the pregnancies.  Dianne knew what to do to get me through them.  The herbal and natural supplements were exactly what my body and the babies' bodies needed.  My children are extremely intelligent and capable.  I attribute that for the most part to the supplements I was taking.  They helped build healthy bodies and brains. I delivered all three of the babies at home.  I felt so secure knowing that Dianne would help me through it.  I wouldn't have done it any other way. J.O.

Dianne Bjarnson and her team of experienced midwives have helped my wife and I greatly through the pregnancies and deliveries of each of our four children. I can give Dianne the highest recommendation and most heartfelt endorsement anyone can bestow on another person. She has been literally a life saver, providing inspired comfort and expert services during both normal and challenging situations. Dianne’s work as a midwife is her calling in life, and she takes it as a gift she freely shares with others. It is a high privilege to have women like Dianne, aid so many lives with such care and dedication and commitment. Dianne has saved my wife and child’s life at a time that the prospects were grim for both. She has also provided competent and positive encouragement during the normal pregnancies and deliveries of my kids. Dianne Bjarnson provides an effective alternative to pregnancy and delivery that is natural, caring and holistic. As a midwife, Dianne Bjarnson is a reliable partner, an inspired healer, and a faithful friend to the mother and the child going through pregnancy and birth. I think there is no exaggeration to say that Dianne is God’s partner in bringing life into this world. J.R.